EP changes the rule of the game for Ukrainian poultry


A loophole in the trade agreement between the European Union and Ukraine was patched this week in the European Parliament.

Posted on Nov 27 ,07:39

EP changes the rule of the game for Ukrainian poultry

The EU intends to amend the trade agreement with Ukraine to patch the loophole that allows the Ukrainian poultry producers to export poultry meat in the EU market without tax. According to the current agreement, imports of poultry with bone from Ukraine are not taxed but that will change once the revised agreement gets approval by the Council and after the ratification of the agreement by Ukraine, according to Rzeczpospolita magazine.
in a resolution adopted with 444 votes in favor, 128 against and 74 abstentions, MPs urged Ukraine to comply with the full trade agreement on good cooperation between the EU and Ukraine. They added that food safety and health standards apply to all products imported into the EU.

The new regulations will impose a single tariff on both boneless and bone-in meat and will sett a new limit on tariff-free poultry imports from Ukraine. After the duty-free quota has been exhausted, Ukrainian exporters will have to pay customs duties on additional exports to the EU. Polish poultry producers have constantly raised the problem of Ukrainian poultry imports that were flooding the EU market favoring producers such as MHP, who has its processing plants in Slovakia. Imports of poultry with bones from Ukraine have increased almost 15 times in the last three years.

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