EU pork exports are growing


29% increase for March compared to the same month a year ago.

Posted on Jun 23 ,11:38

EU pork exports are growing

606,500 tonnes of pork were exported by the EU member states in March, marking a 29% increase in shippments from the same month last year. Fresh / frozen pork exports to China increased by more than 33% to 238,000 tonnes, while sales to the Philippines were almost five times higher (20,200 tonnes). Offal sales to Asian markets were also strong, with increases again to the Philippines. Growth in shipments to Hong Kong offset declines to mainland China. Sales of pork fat also reached the highest level since 2013 (before the Russian ban) in March, with just under 30,000 tonnes. China has been buying increasing volumes in recent months and volumes to the Philippines were also strong.
Not all major EU exporters experienced year-on-year growth in third-country exports this year. Spain has led the way, with an increase in shipments of more than 70%. In contrast, Germany experienced a decline of almost 40% after losing access to the Chinese market. Denmark's exports increased by 22% and the Netherlands increased by 37%. Mid-range exporters also saw notable increases overall.

The strength of export sales in early 2021 has helped provide some support to the EU pig market at a time when demand within the EU is still struggling with the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. However, more recent reports suggest that export sales have now started to weaken, and with domestic demand still faltering, this has pushed back pork prices. Both the USDA and the European Commission had forecast that EU pork exports would decline this year, and with signs that export demand may now be falling, the EU pork market could face more challenges. Of course, a lot will also depend on how many pigs are available for slaughter in the coming months. However, the total number of breeding sows in the EU had only slightly decreased at the end of 2020, so it is not clear that the total supply will decline in the short term.

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