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EU poultry sector to lose SA market


In a bid to protect the domestic poultry industry, South Africa may apply customs duties on poultry imports up to 82%

Posted on Jun 26 ,11:02

EU poultry sector to lose SA market

Poultry exports from the European Union to South Africa may decrease fast, as local producers are asking for a new tax on imported products. The National Chamber of Poultry and Poultry Producers submitted a request for an increase in customs duties. According to the request, the average load on imported poultry meat is to increase by as much as 82%.
The South African government is considering new customs tariffs because the poultry organizations in this country are extremely numerous and strong.
On the other hand, consumers organizations are protesting against the tariff hike due to a possible increase in prices and reduced availability of products. A decision on customs duties on imports of poultry is going to be announced in mid-August, according to Agropolska magazine.
As the second largest producer of poultry in the EU, Poland is one of the main suppliers in the South African market and a new system of tariffs looks troubling for the industry.

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