Europe will import more beef and sheepmeat in the next decade


An extra 350,000 tonnes of beef and 220,000 tonnes of sheepmeat will be needed to cover the internal demand in the EU.

Posted on Mar 22 ,07:45

Europe will import more beef and sheepmeat in the next decade

Australia is eager to sign a deal with the EU that will increase the presence of its beef and lamb in the European market as the single market will require additional volumes of beef and sheepmeat until 2030.
"The EU estimates an extra 350k tonnes of beef and 220k tonnes of sheepmeat will be needed to meet domestic EU demand by 2030. High quality Australian red meat could help plug the growing supply gap", explains MLA Europe bureau in Brussels.
Based on the mid-term outlook issued by the CE, sheepmeat production in the EU is expected to recover in 2019 and slightly expand during the outlook period. The EU flock is projected to increase to 105million heads by 2030. This equates to 6.5million more animals than in 2018. EU production is expected to increase slightly to 950000t in 2030 (+47000t), driven by sustained domestic demand. Also, sheepmeat consumption is expected to rise to 1.9kg per capita in 2030. This constitutes an increase of 160g per person compared to 2018, according to the outlook.
Australia and New Zealand, which represent 80% of international trade, are expected to meet nearly the whole additional import demand in the period 2018-2030. Along with that, EU imports of beef meat are expected to follow an upward trend over the outlook period, largely coinciding with the gradual increase in tariff-rate quotas (TRQs). The EU’s TRQs for high-quality products are expected to be almost completely filled, while others remain unused. Overall, by 2030, beef imports are expected to increase to 350000t (+15%) compared to 2018.
At this time, the EU is engaged in negotiating free trade deals with both Australia and New Zealand and there are signals that these deals may come into effect later this year.

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