European parliament approves list of reserve antibiotics

The European Parliament rejected the Environment Committee's motion for a resolution on a very far-reaching ban on reserve antibiotics in veterinary medicine with a narrow majority, thereby confirming the EU Commission's proposal.

Posted on Jul 04 ,03:27

European parliament approves list of reserve antibiotics

The list of future antimicrobial agents to be reserved for human medicine has cleared another hurdle. The European Parliament narrowly voted against a resolution by the Environment Committee that was intended to overturn the relevant implementing act and thus the list of reserve active substances drawn up by the European Commission. The critics of the legal act based on recommendations from the European Medicines Agency (EMA) had already failed with a veto recommendation in the plenum last autumn and had subsequently repeatedly pushed for improvements.
The Federal Association of Practicing Veterinarians spoke of a good day for animal health. Parliament followed the tried and tested, scientifically sound decision-making process in the EU and at the same time confirmed its own vote from last autumn. The implementing act makes the European Union a global pioneer in the fight against antibiotic resistance and at the same time ensures the necessary treatment options for sick animals , said President Dr. Siegfried Moder.

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