FAO warns about the food security threat raised by ASF in Asia

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The livelihood and food security situation of the most vulnerable subsistence farmers is endangered, as they lack the expertise and funds to protect their herds, reports the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

Posted on Jul 08 ,08:10

FAO warns about the food security threat raised by ASF in Asia

The ASF situation in Asia is raising concerns about the livelihood and food security of the most vulnerable farmers in countries such as China, Mongolia Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and North Korea. According to the latest report from FAO, the small-scale structure of the pig industry in the areas affected by the disease is increasing the risk of spreading.
"In China, as of mid-June, the disease has been reported in 32 out of the 34 provincial-level administrative divisions and more than 1.1 million pigs have perished or have been culled. This hampers the implementation of biosecurity standards, an important control measure that can contribute to halting the spread of the disease. Additionally, intra-regional trade of pig meat products, which may be contaminated, has also contributed to the high prevalence. As a result, animal health experts believe that the disease will inevitably spread farther in the coming months", says the report.
Also, reports from the countries have already indicated that animal losses have caused reductions in farmers' incomes.

Moreover, the decline in pig meat production and the depletion of the current frozen stocks are expected to result in price hikes, straining food security of the most vulnerable populations in these countries.

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