FRIMAQ launches a new compact thermoformer

At interpack 2023, FRIMAQ will be showing NEW EQUIPMENT and practical solutions for standard packaging.

Posted on Apr 18 ,00:30

FRIMAQ launches a new compact thermoformer

One of the new solutions FRIMAQ is offering is the TFF STAR. The STAR range defines a new line of compact thermoforming machines able to cover a wide range of packaging systems such as Sealing, Vacuum, MAP and Skin thus offering a versatile solution able to cover all needs with the best packaging results at an affordable pricing.


More than Accessible: FRIMAQ knows how important it is for the customer and especially for the technical part that the machine is accessible and practical when it comes to maintenance. That is why the STAR range offers maximum accessibility and comfort for maintenance tasks thanks to a new hinged electrical panel which allows all round access to the sealing station, and also features as the new lower gates system, which offers the possibility of full or 45 degree opening for easy viewing and inspection of the underside.


Precision: It could be a word that would go together with FRIMAQ thermoforming machines as they have a servomotor for the displacement of the chains and drum motors for the film movements allowing to have an exact control of the movement. It also has acceleration and deceleration ramp regulations, which allows us to pack even the most susceptible products at the right speed.

Compact to maximum performance:  The STAR Thermoformer has been designed to make full use of space providing maximum performance as well as an economical and versatile solution being able to use the most common film widths and with the possibility of choosing from a wide range of formats and various packaging technologies.

Upper Film : 320, 360, 420 , 460 or 470mm

Bottom Film : 320, 360, 420, 460 or 470mm

Package Depth; 120mm

Step/index: 214, 250, or 300mm

Material types : Flexible and rigid up to 400mc

Sealing types : Perimetral, total polivalente e Isopack

Possible packaging systems : Sealing , Vacuum , MAP and Skin

12” Screen

DIMENSIONS:  Total length : 3795mm; Total width : 1065mm; Total height : 1800mm

OPTIONS AVAILABLE: MAP; Skin +0; Photocell for printed film; Motorised exit belt; Easy-open; Rigid cut with rounded edges; Upper film: 297, 339, 387 or 437; Vacuum pumps: 250m3/h or 360m3/h; Booster pumps: 500m3/h; Scraps suction cleaner; Liquids and solid decanter; Autolobrication for chains; Rigid Cutting; Adaption from Rigid to Flexible cutting.

FRIMAQ only works with top leading brands such as BUSCH, FESTO, SMC, SCHNEIDER, BECKHOFF among others.

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