FRIVALL invests more than 2.8 million euros in energy efficiency

The Villar de Olalla company, which has a slaughterhouse and cutting room, will achieve self-consumption of 34%

Posted on Jul 14 ,04:06

FRIVALL invests more than 2.8 million euros in energy efficiency

Frivall, slaughterhouse, cutting room and pork dispatch of the Vall Companys agri-food group in Villar de Olalla, has invested more than 2.8 million euros in expanding its plant and making it more sustainable.

Among all the investments, the installation of new photovoltaic solar energy panels stands out, with which the company will ensure that more than 30% of its energy consumption comes directly from its solar energy production. In total, the installed solar power will reach 4,584 kWp. With this drive, the company will reduce up to 906 tons of CO2 emissions per year and achieve energy savings of 34%.

In addition to the expansion of solar panels, investment has also been made in the energy efficiency of the plant, with new low-consumption lighting systems in buildings and improvement of their envelopes, as well as a new refrigeration installation system, with the incorporation of more efficient cold generators.

Likewise, with the aim of achieving a plant that is as efficient and sustainable as possible, a new water treatment plant has been built and more efficient decalcification systems have been inaugurated to rationalize the plant's water consumption and improve its quality. .

Expansion of the cutting room and new loading docks

Beyond sustainability, the plant has also been modernized with new buildings, expansion of existing ones and adaptations of various plant buildings to improve processes, industrial and occupational safety. In this regard, new restrooms, dining rooms, changing rooms, staff rest rooms and areas, new offices have been created, and the cutting room and its auxiliary areas and rooms have been enlarged.

The logistics of the factory have also been modified with new loading and unloading docks, warehouses and auxiliary buildings. New zones have been established for frozen products, fundamental for the commercialization of the final export product, and new machinery has been incorporated to improve and optimize the entire plant process.

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