Finns are keeping meat in their diet


70% of the inhabitants are eating meat more than once a week, despite growing calls to switch on to vegan or vegetarian diets.

Posted on Nov 18 ,10:22

Finns are keeping meat in their diet

Even if Finland has seen growing calls to switch from meat to vegan or vegetarian diets, animal protein is still preferred by the inhabitants. The most recent survey commissioned by the Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forestry Owners (MTK) shows that 80% of the Finns are eating meat at least once a week. 70% have admitted that they consume it more often and 75% are considering their diet to be appropriate, according to News Now Finland magazine.
The survey conducted by Kantar TNS found there was no significant difference in meat consumption between men and women. Also, 75% of the 1,000 interviewed in this survey consider that Finland should produce enough meat to cover the domestic demand and to be exported as well. "Consumers decide whether they eat meat or not. The main thing is that they make their decisions based on factual information", commented Mauno Ylinen Chairman of MTK’s Meat Committee.

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