France goes crazy for organic meat


However, the market offers a mixed picture, with meat consumption declining and organic products increasing their presence in the consumer's choice.

Posted on Mar 05 ,10:04

France goes crazy for organic meat

More than 70% of the French people are consuming organic meat at least occasionally, as against 59% in 2015, according to a survey by Ifop for the Organic Commission at Interbev. In 2018, the French organic meat market expanded. In detail, it posted €374 million for bovine meat (up 18% on 2017), €109 million for pork meat (+2.9% in a year) and €65 million for ovine meat (+18.2%), according to figures presented by SIAL organizers. Nevertheless, meat consumption is declining in the country, with beef being the hardest hit category. Beef consumption has dropped by 6.5% in the last 5 years, despite the fact that France is the second-biggest bovine meat producer in Europe with a herd of 19 million head and 1.4 million equivalent tonnes of carcass.
A recent survey by Ifop for CIWF France, revealing that 85% of consumers say that they are prepared to eat meat less frequently, and pay more for meat reared with more care for animal welfare. However, pork (33 kg/person/year) and sheepmeat (2.4 kg/person/year) consumption have remained stable over the last couple of years.
This mixed picture is forcing the entire supply chain to reorganize and start to shift upmarket in all of its products. “Meeting the expectations of society in meat production is a priority objective for the French livestock and meat sector professionals,” confirms Interbev.
Part of the French culinary heritage, tripe consumption remains strong among inhabitants, with 43% of French households regularly buy tripe products, mainly those derived from beef (41% of total volume), followed by veal (26%), pork (28%, and finally lamb (5%).

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