Friboi reduces waste and improves logistics

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Friboi, a JBS company, leader in the beef segment in Brazil, is moving forward to make its logistics chain even more sustainable.

Posted on Dec 28 ,03:03

Friboi reduces waste and improves logistics

Through a new satellite temperature monitoring system for its refrigerated trucks, using QR Codes, the business avoids the emission of more than 15 tons of waste per year, mainly plastic. Recently, this monitoring system began to be shared with customers, who now have more accurate and saved data in the system.
According to Friboi, replacing disposable thermographs with QR Codes has avoided 13.5 tonnes of plastic, 0.6 tonnes of paper and 1.5 tonnes of metal. That's because, at the end of each delivery, the thermographs had to be discarded. In addition to reducing waste generation, around 30 tons of carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) are no longer emitted into the atmosphere per year with the new system. This replacement also promotes a reduction in the use of 1 million liters of water.
Temperature monitoring via satellite, started by JBS in 2013, aims to ensure the quality of the transport of the chilled/frozen product throughout the entire trip, allowing the driver and the monitoring company to act immediately in cases of temperature deviations. This QR Code control method facilitates access to information by the company and the customer, which is made available in an updated and digital form, and no longer by paper graphic tape (thermograph).
“With monitoring, our carriers and customers can follow information on our logistics chain from their cell phones. This brings even more agility and modernity to the process, without any damage to security”, highlights Gilmar Schumacher, director of Logistics at Friboi. This technology is available on the large trucks used in the company's operations.
The entire operation takes place in partnership with the company Opentech, which integrates the tracked items into the refrigerated transport vehicles. The process is also analyzed by Friboi's quality team. “Our team checks the equipment specifications to ensure the effectiveness of this monitoring, in addition to carrying out tests and temperature measurements to guarantee information security and the quality of the final product”, explains Maria Emília Raucci, Quality director at Friboi.
Mariana Mattos, CRM manager, and Klever Vendrame, Logistics manager at Friboi, explain that this change allows several benefits for the company, customers, consumers, partners and community. “We were able to give the driver control over the load and the customer digital tracking of product information,” says Vendrame. “We guarantee the quality of the final product to our consumers with immediate action during deviations and to the community the guarantee of a progress with sustainability”, adds Mattos.
This initiative adds to other Friboi actions to decarbonize its logistics operations.

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