GRILLFEST, the biggest barbecue festival in Europe takes place in Romania

The second edition of GRILLFEST is set to start on May 10th, expecting 50,000+ guests over 3 epic days, at Lagoo Snagov, Romania

Posted on Mar 29 ,10:48

GRILLFEST, the biggest barbecue festival in Europe takes place in Romania

GRILLFEST, the biggest barbecue festival in Europe, is revolutionizing the barbecue culture in Romania! This year, GRILLFEST takes on 10th to 12th of May, over 3 days, at Lagoo Snagov, Romania, over more than 100,000 sqm, where the expected 50,000 participants will meet over 200 BBQ chefs from 10 countries. The gastronomic culture event, which celebrates the art of cooking with fire and smoke, brings together consumers, the most important players in the Romanian meat industry, top representatives of the barbecue segment from Romania and all over the world, barbecue trends and techniques from around the world, healthy nutritional habits and an absolute first: the crocodile meat burger.

The festival will include over 50 barbecue stations in 8 different themed areas where approximately 100 tons of barbecue products will be prepared, using the most popular barbecue, grilling and smoking techniques in American, Brazilian, Argentinian, Turkish, Korean and Balkan styles. During the 3 days, participants will be able to enjoy live barbecue shows and demonstrations, competitions for amateurs and professionals, concerts, children's activities, the fitness area and dinner in the largest hot air balloon in Romania.

"Through the GRILLFEST concept, our goal is to bring together representatives from the meat industry, chefs and the general public in a setting designed to develop the European barbecue culture and, at the same time, to put on the international map a reference event for the meat industry, an important segment for Europe. This year marks the second GRILLFEST edition and we already have partners from 10 countries, together with the most important local representatives. We invite the public to meet them and enjoy their dishes at the biggest barbecue festival in Europe, organized right here, in Romania." said Eugen Capra, GRILLFEST organizer.


In the 8 barbecue areas with different specialties – Beef-Mutton, Pork, Chicken, Turkey, Game, Fish & Seafood, Mix (burgers, sausages) and Barbeque Carousel, participants are invited to discover the best barbecue products, traditional recipes, but also special dishes from different countries, in a culinary journey around the world.

"GRILLFEST is certainly an event that can compete with any barbecue festival in the world, and I believe that such a meeting between industry, chefs and the public contributes significantly to the development of our gastronomic culture. It will be an extraordinary deployment of forces that I am happy to be a part of.” said Orlando Zaharia, Chef and GrillFest Ambassador

All the GRILLFEST guests will be able to taste dishes created by chefs from Brazil, USA, Turkey, Germany, Serbia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Denmark, Spain and Belgium. The culinary star of GRILLFEST 2024, in an absolute premiere in Romania, is the crocodile meat burger, a real Brazilian specialty, which will be prepared live, in front of the audience, at the Barbecue Carousel by Chef Paizao, special guest from Brazil.

"In Brazil we have a vast barbecue culture with multiple festivals that, in addition to fun and delicious dishes, also contribute to promoting healthy culinary habits as the public gets the chance to discover nutritious food, learn how to choose a quality piece of meat, how to prepare it and what vegetables to put next to it for a balanced meal. I'm excited to join GRILLFEST, Europe's biggest barbecue festival, and bring an authentic Brazilian barbecue experience that I hope everyone will enjoy." said Paizao, GRILLFEST chef and ambassador.

But the fun doesn't stop at gastronomy, during the 3 days of the festival, the participants will enjoy live concerts offered by some of the most loved artists in Romania: Loredana & Agurida, Damian & Brothers, Viorica & Taraful Clejanilor, Puya, Connect- r, Diana Matei & Taraful Cleante.

Partners: Lidl, Bira Moretti, Cocorico, Wau, PeriČ™, Ocean Fish, Sezamo,, Weber, Bioten, Eglo, KAYO

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