German poultry industry seeks support from politicians


Cheap poultry imported from Eastern Europe have entered the market and threatens the animal welfare standards.

Posted on Apr 15 ,06:30

German poultry industry seeks support from politicians

The German poultry sector is at risk of losing 30% of businesses in the next 5 years if the cheap imports from Eastern Europe are going to further flood the market, said a board member of ZDG ( Central Association of the German Poultry Industry).
Members of the association claim that imported poultry has entered the large consumer segment restaurants, canteens, industrial kitchens, which accounts for 65% of sales in the German market, informs Fleischwirtshaft magazine.
At this point, the country's self-sufficiency rate in poultry has declined to 73% in turkey, 15% for geese and between 90-95% in chicken. Meantime, poultry farms in Germany have constantly invested in keeping high animal welfare standards but at this time even those are in danger. "With every kilogram of poultry meat imported from Eastern Europe, less animal welfare comes to Germany", mentioned ZDG President Friedrich-Otto Ripke.
"If we continue like this, we will lose 30% of businesses in the next five years", said ZDG board member Paul-Heinz Wesjohann.
The association is asking for complete reimbursement of additional costs for more animal welfare, a targeted and practical solution for the conflict of objectives between animal welfare and environmental protection, a mandatory labelling of origin for poultry meat in the catering trade.
Ukraine is seen as one of the producers who has disturbed the poultry market in the EU but there is also constant pressure from other countries such as Poland, Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria who have increased poultry production lately.

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