Germany: Federal Council approves mandatory state animal husbandry labeling

The Animal Husbandry Labeling Act creates the legal obligation to label products of animal origin in the way the animals are kept. It also regulates the related obligations of the market participants at various levels, farmers or those who market the food. Five forms of husbandry are planned, starting with unprocessed pork. Other forms of processing, distribution channels and animal species will follow.

Posted on Nov 29 ,04:19

Germany: Federal Council approves mandatory state animal husbandry labeling

Federal Minister Özdemir: "Consumers get a real choice for more animal welfare. Everyone can see how an animal whose meat you buy was kept: Transparency about animal husbandry means more consumer protection. We want animals to have more space. If more animals are kept better, this also means more climate protection.

Animal husbandry labeling is like running a marathon, today the bill in the Federal Council has taken another important step. So we're right on schedule after 16 years of nothing happening. We start with unprocessed pork - further production stages, marketing channels and animal species will follow. If you don't take the first step, we won't make any progress in the end. The aim is that in the future every piece of meat will be labeled in a binding manner at every point of sale."

There is an urgent need for conversion to future livestock farming. Much has been said for years, but nothing has happened. Farmers have long been left alone. Business had to either grow or fail. As a result, many have given up farming or are about to.

Federal Minister Özdemir: "In addition to the fulfillment of husbandry-related criteria, animal welfare indicators such as an intact curly tail should also be taken into account. We are aiming for contracts with a term of up to ten years for the ongoing additional costs. In this way, we can offer farmers reliable security planning."

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