GfK survey: Many vegetarians just eat meat

About 40% of consumers who call themselves vegetarian eat meat regularly, sometimes even daily. This emerges from a GfK survey of 1,629 consumers into assumed and actual eating behaviour. It also appears that half of the people who see themselves as vegan and therefore reject all animal products sometimes eat dairy and eggs.

Posted on Dec 02 ,04:14

GfK survey: Many vegetarians just eat meat

This is reported by the trade magazine 'Voeding Magazine' for nutritionists and healthcare professionals.

In principle, we have a number of different eating identities for people: the omnivore (omnivore), the vegetarian (no meat), the vegan (no animal product at all) and the flexitarian (does not eat meat 3 or more days a week, but usually eats fish). ). Respondents were asked to which 'eating group' they considered themselves to be. This resulted in the following distribution:

• 74% omnivore/omnivore
• 20% flexitarian
• 3% vegetarian
• 1% vegan (vegan)
• 2% other (how..?)

The researchers looked at how often respondents used which animal products. Namely meat (total), chicken, eggs, cheese and dairy (total). And that yielded the following results.

• flexitarians eat less meat than omnivores and more often opt for organic;
• at least 40% of the vegetarians indicated that they still eat meat daily or regularly;
• more than half of vegans consume cheese or dairy products daily or regularly.

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