Handtmann presents new hanging unit for sausages


The company has enhanced its proven hanging technology and now offers the new hanging unit AHE 228 in two variants: AHE 228-16 and AHE 228-17.

Posted on Feb 25 ,09:32

Handtmann presents new hanging unit for sausages

Handtmann offers sausage filling lines for the production of raw, fresh and cooked sausages in natural, collagen or peel-off casing. Its linking and hanging line variants range from systems with manual or semi-automatic casing spooling to a fully-automatic solution. These AL systems stand for high production output and reduced non-productive times with case changing times of less than 2 seconds. Handtmann has enhanced its proven hanging technology and now offers the new hanging unit AHE 228 in two variants: AHE 228-16 and AHE 228-17. As a result, the process step of hanging sausages is now even faster, more ergonomic and with digital support.

Excellent ergonomics – and thus even more efficient operation – are made possible by the individually adjustable height of the AHE 228-17 variant. It has a length of 320 cm and is equipped with a “pivoting“ guide belt. This means that it has a flexible and continuously adjustable working height up to 150 mm from the front of the hanging unit with sealing and knotting at the hanging unit’s smoke stick removal rear. The AHE 228-16 variant is available with a length of 220 cm or 320 cm with a “horizontal” guide belt, i.e. the working height is identical at the front and rear of the hanging unit. The new AHE also increases output thanks to optimal smoke stick utilisation. A minimum hook spacing of 20 mm with 5 mm increments ensures optimal smoke stick utilisation and reduced casing consumption. Set-up time is significantly reduced thanks to the simplified hook placement with LED support and the simultaneous set-up of the linking line and hanging unit. An optional AHE stop button provides additional process reliability. If required, the hanged portions trigger an automatic stop of the production line. First-class hygiene conditions are guaranteed thanks to the hygienic design and hygienic features such as a pivotable and height-adjustable collection tray with an integrated residual material container, and much more. The optionally integrated Handtmann digital hanging unit scales, which can be placed directly on the hanging unit, provide added value. Give-away is reduced to a minimum thanks to their optimal weight accuracy. Overfilling can be reduced by up to 60%. The AHE scales are height-adjustable with a 300° swivel-mounted operating unit and optical LED indicator. The AHE scales can function as portion and smoke stick scales.

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