Herdez introduces Mexican meat entrees

The makers of the HERDEZ® brand announced the launch of its HERDEZ™ Mexican Refrigerated Entrées line with two delicious varieties, including HERDEZ™ Chicken Shredded in Mild Chipotle Sauce and HERDEZ™ Carnitas Slow Cooked Pork. At-home cooks can now enjoy the traditions from the heart of Mexico in these convenient heat-and-eat meals with the perfect blend of spices and seasoning. Inspired by some of the most popular Mexican dishes, these entrées are packed with flavor and protein, with each containing seven grams of protein per serving.

Posted on Apr 28 ,00:10

Herdez introduces Mexican meat entrees

"The HERDEZ® brand is best known for salsas, HERDEZ TAQUERIA STREET SAUCE®, refrigerated guacamole and hot sauce", said Giselle Olson, HERDEZ® brand manager. "We love that we can offer our fans more of the bold flavors from Mexico they crave in these new, easy-to-prepare dishes".

"Mexican food is the ethnic food most consumed at home. With more and more people spending time cooking and entertaining at home, consumers are looking for affordable ways to bring timeless Mexican flavors to life in the comfort of their own kitchens", said Daniel Collier, HERDEZ™ Refrigerated Meats brand manager.

"Our ready-to serve HERDEZ™ Mexican Refrigerated entrées offer the simple and delicious convenience we know they want. Inspired by the culinary traditions of Mexico, HERDEZ™ Chicken Shredded in Mild Chipotle Sauce and HERDEZ™ Carnitas Slow Cooked Pork make it easy to recreate your favorite Mexican dishes — everything from tacos and burritos, to enchiladas, nachos and more — within minutes".

Nearly two-thirds of consumers cite affordability as a major reason for cooking at home, and on an average weeknight, roughly half of millennials say they cook dinner from scratch.2 HERDEZ™ Refrigerated Entrées provide familiar flavors of Mexico with the convenience and versatility people crave as they create at-home meals. Varieties include:

  • Chicken Shredded in Mild Chipotle Sauce (SRP $9.99-$10.99)—This all-natural3 chicken entrée combines tomatoes, garlic, onion and chipotle peppers for a bold flavor, and is slow cooked in its natural juices, making it ideal for any burrito, taco or main entrée, and is reminiscent of Chicken Tinga.
  • Carnitas Slow Cooked Pork (SRP $9.99-$10.99)—Slow cooked and marinated with garlic and citrus for an original taste, this time-saving option makes it easy to enjoy Carnitas any time.

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