IHAF recommends a unified halal certification system for Brazil


The organization is going to work closely with Brazil's National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology on this project.

Posted on Jan 24 ,15:36

IHAF recommends a unified halal certification system for Brazil

The secretary-general of the International Halal Accreditation Forum (IHAF), Mohamed Saleh Badri, is talking with optimism about the unification of Brazil’s halal certification organizations, reports Saalam Gateway magazine.

From his point of view, there are only a few steps to follow regarding adjusting some procedures and hire qualified personnel to be able to accredit the certification organizations and unify the processes under the umbrella of National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology (Inmetro).

The current system it is too expensive as every country is taking a different approach to halal certification and, for Brazil at leat, Inmetro could play the role of an official partner to unify the procedures.

“We have been negotiating with Inmetro to be part of IHAF for two years and I’m very optimist that we will agree on a deal and that the government body will act strongly in the process of unification of certifications”, said Badri during a meeting in Sao Paolo.

A unified halal certification system could serve Brazil’s interest as an exporter of goods and services to the global Muslim market.

According to IHAF’s estimates, the Muslim consumption of food products totaled 1.245 trillion dollars in 2016, and it could, according to forecasts, reach 1.93 trillion dollars in 2022, or 18.7% of the global market.

In the pharmaceutical sector, Muslims spent 78 billion dollars in 2015, and are expected to reach 132 billion dollars in 2021. Halal cosmetics sector accounts for 57 billion dollars in 2016, with an estimative to reach 82 billion dollars in 2022, while halal tourism has been generated 169 billion dollars in revenues in 2016, with a forecast to reach 283 billion dollars in 2022.

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