INTERPORC: Regionalization schemes must be admitted internationally in case of ASF


"We cannot forget that the arrival of African Swine Fever (ASF) implies the closure of international markets, so we must press from Europe so that regionalization schemes are admitted internationally if cases occur." These are the words of the director of the Spanish white pork Interprofessional (INTERPORC), Alberto Herranz, in his intervention, in a webinar organized by the Official College of Agricultural Engineers of Castilla and León and Cantabria.

Posted on Mar 02 ,03:26

INTERPORC: Regionalization schemes must be admitted internationally in case of ASF

For the director of INTERPORC, "keeping ourselves free from African Swine Fever is everyone's job, remembering and faithfully complying with biosafety regulations." Animal safety is a priority, he pointed out and, therefore, it is important “that we pay close attention to the evolution of African Swine Fever in some European countries. Likewise, we are paying special attention to the Rosalía strain, which affects weaned piglets”.

Herranz, who outlined the most important factors for the sector during 2023 in his appearance, also referred to the hyper-regulation that affects the sector, "which is in permanent adaptation to European and national directives, regulations and decrees".
But without a doubt, for the director of INTERPORC "image, communication and reputation go together" and are the most important factor for the sector today, "because of the distorted image offered by groups opposed to livestock and meat".

Herranz explained that 88% of the population is omnivorous, to which must be added 7% of flexitarians who also eat meat. “There are only 4% vegetarians and 1% vegans, but if you read some media messages or listen to the noise on social networks it seems that the situation is just the opposite, when the reality is that the majority of the population consume meat ”.

It is important to build a reputation in the pig industry that is based on data and scientific truth. To do this, "we have to be able to make our truthful message reach and permeate society."

At INTERPORC, he explained, they work with doctors and scientists to remind society of the nutritional value of pork products because “eating meat is not a matter of opinion. It is a matter of biochemistry and health.”

In his speech, the director of INTERPORC also highlighted, among other important factors for the pig sector in 2023, the progressive decline in meat consumption in some markets, mainly the EU. “Although meat consumption in the world will grow this decade by 1.4%, in the EU it will drop by 0.5%. In fact, in Spanish households it has also fallen, although pork is the meat that has best resisted this setback.

In this sense, another factor, internationalization, becomes particularly important. 2022 has confirmed Spain as the second world pork exporter, a position achieved thanks to "our ability to diversify markets, which has led us to continue growing in the most competitive areas, mainly Asia", highlighted Herranz.

"This is so thanks to the quality of our products and the trust that our companies generate due to their seriousness in commercial relations." In addition, he concluded, "although we have decreased in China as expected after the recovery of its herd after African Swine Fever, the data shows that we have become strongly consolidated in that market and that it will continue to be the main destination of our exports”.

Herranz also pointed out that INTERPORC is actively working to open new areas such as Australia and that in this international effort they collaborate with organizations such as ICEX Spain Export and Investment and the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, as well as other organizations such as LaLiga.

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