INTERPORC: asian markets perceive spanish ham as the best in the world


Asia continues to be a focus of growth opportunities for ham companies, according to a study carried out by INTERPORC on the perception of cured white-layer ham in five countries. Specifically, the markets of Japan, China, South Korea, China-Taiwan and Vietnam were analysed.

Posted on Jun 23 ,08:16

INTERPORC: asian markets perceive spanish ham as the best in the world

The study, presented by Daniel de Miguel, head of International at the Interprofessional, on the final day of the 11th World Ham Congress held in Segovia, offers "strategies and advice for dealing with the different markets, recommendations for institutions in their work to promote international market for this product and data to prioritize the most convenient presence at fairs in that area".

The overview of Spanish cured ham in these countries would be: Japan is a mature market and very good for Spanish companies; China and South Korea are in the middle of a period of great growth; while China-Taiwan and Vietnam present many possibilities for development, but they are still in the phase of beginning to get to know our products well.

Country Analysis

Japan, which along with Singapore leads imports of cured ham in that area, is a settled market, but one that retains its attractiveness. "They perceive us as the best ham in the world and we have to take advantage of that," said INTERPORC's head of International. "They know us, they love us and they value us," he pointed out.

The consumption of cured ham in China has skyrocketed since 2017, going from 305 tons consumed for a value of 5.7 million euros to 876 and 21.3 million respectively in 2020. An upward trend that is expected to continue.

As for South Korea, in the same period it went from 89 tons and 2.3 million euros to 186 and 6 million. In this country, Spanish cured ham is perceived as the best in the world. A delicatessen in which the use of influencers for dissemination works very well.

Chinese-Taiwan consumers value their local pork as the best, so there is still a long way to go before they are well acquainted with Spanish cured white-layer ham. A job that, over time, will open another good market for Spanish companies.

Finally, Vietnam is a case similar to the previous one and it is necessary to work on the knowledge of Spanish ham, although the figures show that it has gone from a consumption of 102 tons worth 0.7 million euros in 2017 to 137 tons and 1.2 million in 2020. Very significant data that it could be another important export destination.


The study reveals that we are living in a good moment for the sale of Spanish cured ham in Asia. In the area there is a clear trend of increased consumption of pork products that should be taken advantage of.

Regarding the recommendations for companies, the most prominent and common are (with some particular nuances in each country) adapt the marketing strategy to local consumption patterns; take advantage of the online channel ; give the product a try so that it is known; use a specialized team in the area (if it can be local); and share synergies with other products and sectors, such as wine, to favor the introduction of ham in those countries.

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