INTERPORC achieves its second Guinness World Record


The Spanish white layer pork Interprofessional (INTERPORC) has achieved its second Guinness Record with the elaboration of the largest number in the world made with photographs taken with the help of the thousands of citizens who have participated in the action.

Posted on Feb 18 ,11:28

INTERPORC achieves its second Guinness World Record

This is the number 415,000, which represents the number of people who work in the Spanish pig sector and which has been trained at an event held in Madrid, with a total of 6,300 photos taken in recent months.

The INTERPORC mobile unit toured different cities in Spain last year to bring society closer to the reality of the white layer pig sector. A photo booth allowed the people who participated in the campaign to be photographed, so these photos are the ones that have now served to break this Guinness record, with dimensions of 8.20m x 1.50m.

The previous record of these characteristics managed to gather 5,867 photographs, so that the one obtained by INTERPORC has clearly exceeded that figure, with a total of 6,300. The record has been certified with the presence of Anouk de Timary, adjudicator of Guinness World Records Limited , who has congratulated the pig sector in Spain for its ability to mobilize. An expert in inventory auditing and a witness specialized in photography also attended the event.

This is the second Guinness World Records obtained by INTERPORC for the second consecutive year, after the achievement in 2022 of the largest mural of origami pigs in the world, also thanks to the collaboration of thousands of people who were encouraged to build paper pigs with the origami technique.

The triple sustainability of Spanish pigs

Before the award was delivered, a colloquium was held on the Spanish white-coated pig sector, which is the engine of the economy and generates more than 415,000 jobs. Their contribution to the economic and social development of a good part of the rural areas of the country was discussed, as well as their commitment to triple sustainability.

The deputy director general of Food Quality Control and Agri-food Laboratories of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPA), Javier Maté Caballero, has participated and has stressed that the sector "is part of our culture and our heritage, which we transmit to the following generations, and that also generates wealth”.

For his part, Alberto Herranz, director of INTERPORC, has emphasized that in addition to those 415,000 jobs created, "42% of direct employment in the pig sector is female." He also recalled that Spain is the leading European producer of pork meat and the third worldwide, as well as the second exporter: "We export more than 3 million tons of meat, worth more than 7,700 million euros, which generates employment for talented, young and with gender equality”.

From an environmental point of view, Herranz added that "greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions have been reduced by 40% for each kilo of meat and the use of water has decreased by 30%".

In this sense, INTERPORC's International Director, Daniel de Miguel, stressed that “the pig sector is sustainable from an economic, social and environmental point of view. Economically, because we are a power in production and exports with a positive trade balance of 7,400 million euros. In the social area, because we generate 415,000 direct, indirect and induced jobs, thus giving life and a future to the rural environment. And environmental, because we are aligned with the European Green Pact and with the goal of achieving neutral climate impact by 2050”.

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