INTERPORC meets with the Ambassador of the People's Republic of China in Spain


Manuel Garcia, President of the Spanish Inter-professional Agri-Food Organization for White Pork (INTERPORC) and Alberto Herranz, general director, have visited the embassy of the People's Republic of China in Spain within the framework of solid commercial relations that maintains the white pork sector of Spain with that country.

Posted on Apr 19 ,00:30

INTERPORC meets with the Ambassador of the People's Republic of China in Spain

At the meeting, they presented to Ambassador Yao Jing the data that makes Spain its main supplier of pork products, as well as the importance that both INTERPORC and Spanish companies grant to the excellent commercial relations existing with that market.

A relevance that the ambassador has been able to verify when learning about the multiple activities that the Interprofessional will develop during the celebration of the Sial Shanghai fair (from May 28 to 30). INTERPORC will attend there with a pavilion grouped with 20 companies, which will be visited by the country's Minister of Agriculture, as well as a delegation from the Spanish ministry.

Manuel García, president of INTERPORC, has highlighted the importance of this visit to the embassy "since it exemplifies the value that China attaches to our products for the quality and food safety they guarantee, and to our companies, to which Chinese importers consider them trustworthy trading partners".

In 2023, Spain will once again be the leading supplier of pork products to China, with 560,488 tons (20.3% of the total exported volume) for a value of 1,223 million euros.

Especially relevant were the items of fresh meat (294,885 tons for a value of 682.1 million euros); offal (260,608 tons worth 501.1 million euros); and ham (2,404 tons worth 35.6 million euros).

In this last section, the evolution in 2023 of the export of bone in pieces stands out, which grew by 19.8% in volume (861 tons) and 19.4% in value (12.26 million euros).

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