INTERPORC: The best tool to combat fake news and reach society is transparency


“We work so that the pork sector has a reputation in line with its true reality, very different from the false story that is created from ignorance, clichés and fake news". This was stated by Alberto Herranz, general director of INTERPORC in his participation in the Pork Executive Summit held in Lleida, Spain.

Posted on Mar 12 ,00:30

INTERPORC: The best tool to combat fake news and reach society is transparency

During his speech, Herranz listed some of the inaccuracies about the sector and its products to which at INTERPORC "we respond with communication based on data and science, with official figures that show that our sector is economically sustainable, in the social and environmental way".

Furthermore, he has stated that it is necessary to communicate to all target audiences, from politicians to the media, public opinion and consumers in general. Along these lines, "we must identify the territory in which each of them operates to convey to them the true pillars on which the sector is based and the challenges we face".

The general director of INTERPORC has also recalled the need to continue transmitting the importance of the consumption of animal protein as it is a fundamental contribution of nutrients for all ages.

"Thanks to the fact that we produce under the European production model, the most demanding in the world, we have foods that guarantee food safety, versatility and respect for the environment. To this we add a voluntary certification that goes beyond the regulations themselves, with which we comply with society's demand for animal welfare", Herranz explained.

Herranz has been firm in the idea that "the pork sector deserves to have a reputation in line with its true reality", and that is the objective of all the communication carried out by INTERPORC.

That is why the actions pursued by the Interprofessional are carried out from the credibility provided by communicating the truth of scientific and official data with total transparency. "That is the only way for the current and real image of the pork sector to reach society", she said. 

For all these reasons, he concluded that "although we cannot ignore the fact that there is a false story, there is also a truth about the pork sector that is communicated and that is reaching society".

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