In 4 years, Vietnam intends to have 10-12 major pork producers


Currently, the sector is fighting ASF and export figures remained modest despite a national pig inventory of 27 million head.

Posted on May 13 ,05:07

In 4 years, Vietnam intends to have 10-12 major pork producers

Vietnam is targeting export markets for the following years but the sector is far behind other competitors present in Asia. Despite being a country with great pig farming potential – a total pig herd size of more than 27.1 million, Vietnam is still reporting a modest figure in its pork export value (over $50 million in 2020), according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD).

The MARD’s Department of Animal Health said Vietnam has thus far exported a limited volume of suckling pigs and piglets to just Hong Kong and Malaysia through official channels, while products processed from pork have been shipped to the United States, Australia and Macau (China), among others. In general, the amount of pork for export is still too small in relation to the country’s total hog production, which is expected to reach 3.87 million tonnes in 2021. On the other hand, some markets in other countries have a large demand for importing Vietnamese pork, but so far Vietnam has yet to meet the requirements set by the partners.
Over the last few years, Vietnam's pig farming industry has just done well in the stage of organizing production, while the processing and market stages are still unclear. The country has 1.300 large slaughterhouses, which are focusing on cattle and poultry and too little on pigs, and only 20% of the rest of the 24,655 small-scale abattoirs have passed the hygiene and safety tests.
Representatives of the industry have urged the government to encourage businesses with great resources to produce pork in a closed chain, featuring all stages of feed and piglet production, pig farming for meat, the slaughter and filtration lines, and the systems of cool storage, frozen storage and warehouses, without residues of chemicals such as antibiotics, plant protection drugs, and heavy metals, at the request of the importing countries. Meantime a tighter control of the diseases, especially African swine fever, is necessary. According to an official document, quoted by the Nhadan magazine, by 2025, Vietnam is expected to have 10-12 major linked production chains, creating a lot of clean, high-quality meat to meet the requirements of importing countries.

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