Increase your market position with advanced portion cutting technology

Making the most of the modern market demands intelligence and innovation. Marel supplies processors with advanced cutting technology to stay ahead of the competition.

Posted on Jun 20 ,00:05

Increase your market position with advanced portion cutting technology

Intelligent portion cutters and innovative software integrate seamlessly, increasing yield, raw material usage, and hygiene standards. Solutions that simplify operational optimization with real-time data collection and provide efficient reporting systems are all available in a comprehensive portfolio to cover the needs of all customers.

Marel, MAJA, and TREIF have joined together to provide customers with the highest efficiency in accurate bone-in and boneless portion cutting. The comprehensive portfolio ensures processors of all sizes can profit from the advantages of advanced portion-cutting technology. When floor space is at a premium, the compact, stand-alone equipment supplies incredible cutting flexibility and equipment mobility. Larger processors benefit from more sustainable production with the waste reducing solutions that integrate into full processing lines, increasing throughput and optimizing processing transparency through real-time insights.

Intelligent cutting advantage

The I-Cut series of intelligent portion cutters offer unmatched cutting accuracy to minimize giveaway and ensure a more profitable use of raw material. Features such as advanced vision systems and integrated scales take accurate measurements of raw material and give you the option to calculate ideal cuts that prioritize value-added portions. By producing portions of fixed weight or thickness, I-Cuts ensures consistent end-product packaging that looks good on shelves to keep customers returning and improve brand recognition.

To provide processors with the ability to quickly adapt to produce end-products that will help improve market share, I-Cuts come with easy to operate user-friendly touchscreens. Operators can easily switch between cutting programs and change end-product specifications to keep up with consumer demand.

High performance volumetric portion cutting

The range of volumetric portion cutters, the V-Cut series, offers incredible weight-accuracy of boneless raw material. Processors gain a high-performance solution with the flexibility to take advantage of the growing ready-to-cook and convenience food market. Raw material can be cut into cubes and strips and pre-formed with a variety of molds to provide uniform portions of the same shape, size, and weight. After cutting, the end-product can be stacked, singulated, shingled, or grouped for packaging. With multiple presentation options, processors can choose and change arrangements to best suit their end-product needs.

Each solution offers slight differences to ensure processors of all sizes can meet their specific needs. The pre-scale built into the FALCON evolution ensures the highest accuracy of fixed-weight end-products. While the side-press function in the V-Cut 300 improves change over time between products. The side-press shapes differently sized meats into the same mould removing the need for operators to reconfigure equipment when changing raw material. 

Solution for hygiene

All solutions are designed to maintain a high level of hygiene that meets international standards. The smooth, stainless-steel interiors and large openings ensure cleaning is fast and thorough and changeover times are minimum. The wide openings also allow for easy maintenance access, reducing downtime.

Making life easier with the right software

Integrating software into portion cutters, like the I-Cut series, offers incredible benefits, such as enhanced traceability and quality assurance reporting. Real-time monitoring and data collection provides process insights that allow managers to make adjustments when they’re needed, optimizing processing lines for immediate improvement to yield and profits.

Ideal cutting environment

All Marel, MAJA, and TREIF solutions use high-quality knives to provide the most accurate portioning. TREIF NanoBlades are manufactured in-house and precisely matched to each machine to ensure optimal cutting conditions for premium portioning. When it is time for servicing, we sharpen and recondition blades, extending the service life while maintaining cutting accuracy.

With more than 70 years of experience, Marel, TREIF, and MAJA are recognized as world leaders in cutting solutions. They are driven to develop the most advanced, innovative solutions to ensure processors can meet their needs today and into the future in a more sustainable industry.

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