Irish live cattle exports back on track


For the first 4 months of the year, live cattle exports are up by 11%.

Posted on Jun 02 ,09:39

Irish live cattle exports back on track

Irish live cattle exports are up 11% so far, according to official data. A little help is about to be provided by the country's government, which is expected to delay a new rule requiring animals to depart from Ireland within 14 days of leaving their herd and farm. Up to April 29, cattle live exports for the year totaled 155,061 head, an increase of 15,871 head, or 11%, from the corresponding period in 2021.
According to Bord Bia, the increase in numbers is driven primarily by strong calf exports to continental Europe, where the Netherlands has been the stand-out market so far this year. Calf exports to Spain are lower so far this year, back by 16% from 2021 levels, but are expected to recover, with strong demand for calves in the market. Smaller numbers of calves have been exported to Italy, Northern Ireland, Belgium, and Poland this year.

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