Italy: Reduction in energy consumption alarms meat and cured meat producers


“The forecasts of the European Commission regarding the reduction of gas and energy consumption are worrying. In implementing them, our government will have to take into account that meat and cured meats cannot undergo detachments and rationing, not even temporary, risking throwing away the entire production ".

Posted on Oct 06 ,04:43

Italy: Reduction in energy consumption alarms meat and cured meat producers

This is how Ruggero Lenti - President of ASSICA (Industrial Association of Meat and Cured Meats) comments on the European plans presented to address the need to reduce the Union's energy consumption. As is known, the commission has prepared an intervention package, some of which are mandatory, such as a 5% reduction in energy consumption at peak times. This reduction must be freely implemented by the Member States with methods and interventions that everyone can define on the basis of their own technological and territorial / productive reality.

"A horizontal cut in the power supplied or a quota on the switching on of electrical equipment are not acceptable measures for our sector, which binds production to constant temperature control both in the processing rooms and in the cold rooms for the preservation of meat, and in the aging environments where variations even of a few degrees can irreversibly compromise the production of months and years ” - continued Lenti.

Think of the prized productions of DOP and IGP hams of our country which represent a European record and a pride all over the world: they are products that mature well over 12 months and for which the lack of energy can maintain constant conditions of seasoning means having to destroy production. Losing the entire production would not only mean immeasurable damage for a sector that develops 8 billion euros a year, but also drastically reduce the availability of food and noble foods: an eventuality that we do not want to witness.

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