Italy's ASF outbreak moves 400 km south, near Rome

Hygiene & Biosecurity

A new case was confirmed last week in wild boars on the outskirts of Rome.

Posted on May 09 ,11:50

Italy's ASF outbreak moves 400 km south, near Rome

ASF seems to travel to Italy's wild boar population in an unusual way, a recent case being confirmed last week near Rome. The distance between the original outbreak reported in January and this new spot is more than 400 kilometers and biosecurty experts are expecting several other cases to appear on the map in the following weeks, as the disease is following a pattern of spreading that was also seen in other European countries. The ASF case was reported and identified by the Zooprophylactic Institute of Lazio and confirmed by the national zooprophylactic reference center of Umbria and Marche. According to the OIE, the epidemiological investigation is still ongoing. At the moment it is hypothesized that the introduction of the ASF virus is purely due to human factors. The analyses confirmed the positivity for genotype 2 as reported, the same strain currently circulating in Europe.

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