JBS achieves its best result in the TAC Livestock audit

JBS achieved a 94% compliance rate, its best result to date, in the cattle purchase index of the Amazon Legal audit cycles, organized by the Federal Prosecution Service. For the first time, the process consolidates results from four states where the Company operates: Pará, Mato Grosso, Rondônia, and Acre, in addition to Amazonas, where the company has no factories. Until last year, only data from Pará were considered.

Posted on Nov 01 ,00:15

JBS achieves its best result in the TAC Livestock audit

In the previous cycle, specific to Pará, JBS had reached 83.27%, highlighting the improvement. This time, the company's performance in the state matched the overall result, at 94%. "We are pleased with the progress. But our goal is to achieve 100% compliance. Most importantly, we are clear about the steps we need to take to get there", says Liège Correia, Director of Sustainability at JBS Brasil.

For nearly 15 years, JBS has used a geospatial monitoring system to ensure compliance with its socio-environmental criteria, evaluating over 70,000 potential cattle suppliers in Brazil daily. The system covers 61 million hectares, nearly three times the size of the United Kingdom, and ensures JBS suppliers do not operate in deforested areas, indigenous lands, environmental conservation units, or quilombo territories; don't use slave-like labor, nor have environmental embargoes.

Among the enhancements adopted by JBS, which should be reflected in the next audit, are measures like only accepting environmental regularization project (PRA) protocols with a signed commitment term (in effect since November 2021), as well as improvements in the registration of documentation related to the Rural Environmental Registry (CAR) and its respective cattle ranchers, adopted this year, which will make a difference moving forward. "Only with this document management, which always needs refining, will we see further improvements in results", Correia says.

In this 1st cycle covering the unified audits of the four Amazon Legal states where JBS operates, the analyzed purchase period corresponded to July 1, 2020, to December 31, 2021, for Pará, Acre, and Rondônia, and for the entire year of 2021 in Mato Grosso. The next cycle will include data from 2022 onwards. The Company applauds the Federal Public Ministry's efforts to harmonize the audit process for more states in the Amazon biome and agrees with actions for all TAC Meat signatory companies to be audited and for those slaughterhouses outside the agreement to also be monitored.

"We at JBS are convinced that no one will solve this issue alone. It's pointless if we have over 11,000 suppliers blocked due to socio-environmental irregularities if another company continues to buy from these suppliers. That's why we advocate for a public and national cattle traceability system. The same system, with the same rules, for everyone", concludes the Director of Sustainability at JBS Brasil.

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