JBS becomes Brazil's largest employer with 151,000 Workers

JBS has solidified its position as Brazil's leading employer in 2023, with 151,200 direct employees engaged in various operations across the nation. Between January and August of this year alone, the company generated 7,300 new jobs, marking a 5% increase compared to December 2022. On a global scale, JBS employs 270,000 individuals in over 20 countries through its extensive network of more than 400 production units and offices.

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JBS becomes Brazil's largest employer with 151,000 Workers

"We are aware that we play a significant role in creating jobs and income in various regions, with a particularly positive impact on the small towns where we operate.  In many of these areas, we are the primary employer, and our growth drives the economic development of these regions", stated Gilberto Xandó, President of JBS Brazil.

In 2023, JBS completed significant investments in ready-made foods within Brazil, launching the first two breaded products and a sausage product line at the new Seara facility in the state of Paraná.  Additionally, the company resumed operations at the Friboi industrial unit in Juara, Mato Grosso, and announced the creation of 1,400 new jobs with the recovery and modernization of the Diamantino (MT) unit.

More than just statistics, these job opportunities directly enhance the lives of countless individuals.  This is the case for Natanael Alves Moreira, who was recently hired as a production monitor at JBS's Cajamar (SP) unit and saw this opportunity as a path to prosperity.

Natanael, a resident of Franco da Rocha, a municipality in the metropolitan area of São Paulo, brought 12 years of experience in the food production sector, including a brief stint in logistics. In July, he was hired by JBS. "I was drawn to the growth potential", he explains. "I believe my professional advancement here depends solely on my effort and determination, and that there are numerous paths to this success".

Similarly, 19-year-old Maria Bezerra da Silva, from the city of Buíque, Pernambuco,  was recently employed as a cleaning assistant at the Cajamar unit.  "'I am thrilled because this is my first job with a formal contract", she shares. "It is the first step to ensure a better future for me and my family", she says.

JBS's status as Brazil's primary employer underscores its significant role in the national economy.  A recent study, released last week and conducted by Fipe, the Institute of Economic Research Foundation, via Nereus, the Regional and Urban Economics Lab at the University of São Paulo, revealed that JBS and its affiliated production chains in Brazil collectively contribute to 2.10% of the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and are responsible for generating 2.73% of the country's jobs.

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