JBS inaugurates two value-added food factories

On October 27, JBS opened two plants at its industrial complex in the city of Rolândia, in the state of Paraná. In a site covering 257,000 square meters, with 54,000 square meters of built area, the plant employs 4,500 people, and will allow Seara to advance its expansion strategy in value-added products, particularly in the chicken breading segment, where it already has over 30 % market share, and also in sausages, for which it has ambitious plans. The automated units are some of the brand's most modern in the country and are part of the R$8 billion investment plan announced by JBS in 2019.

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JBS inaugurates two value-added food factories

"Delivering the expansion of this complex is a very significant step for JBS and Seara's businesses in Brazil and worldwide. Not only because it will become one of our most modern production plants in the country, but also because it represents another step in our successful long -term investment strategy in our multi-protein platform, which is very much focused on high value-added foods. Whatever the product, we want to offer innovation and quality to win consumer preference", says Gilberto Tomazoni, global CEO of JBS.

Over the last two years, JBS has been strengthening its position in high value-added products. For example, in the European and American markets, with the acquisitions of the Sunnyvalley, Pilgrim's Food Masters and King's Group brands, as well as with the construction of Principe's Italian specialties factory in Missouri, in the United States. The expansion of Rolândia's industrial complex is part of this initiative.

n March this year, one of the factories in the Rolândia complex went into operation. On that occasion, Seara launched its new breaded chicken line. Now, in this second stage, the company is going to change its position in the sausage market.

"We're going to expand our sausage production capacity, highlighting the differentials already present in our products: innovation, quality and flavor. In the long run, we're going to increase our portfolio and challenge the market to grow with us in this segment too, as we're already doing with chicken breading. All this thanks to the high technology embedded in this plant", says João Campos, CEO of Seara.

Before the new plants, the industrial complex had around 3,800 employees. With the 2023 expansion, three production lines are already in operation, two for breaded products and one for sausages, adding 700 new jobs. The plant has the capacity to expand even further, with another seven lines for breaded products and another three for sausages. This expansion will be defined according to business growth and market demand. When this happens, the unit will have as many as 6,000 employees.

In the new JBS plant in Rolândia, sausage production will take place in a dedicated area of 23,000 square meters. One of the messages that Seara will take to the public is about its products' recipe and industrial process, which include smoking among its differentials. This will be possible thanks to the state-of-the-art factory.

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