JBS signs proposal to acquire Languiru's pork operation

JBS signed a letter of intent at the Palácio Piratini to acquire the pork processing unit of the Languiru Cooperative in Poço das Antas (RS). Under the agreement signed at the state government headquarters in Rio Grande do Sul, the company will pay R$ 80 million for the asset and maintain the 400 jobs generated by the operation with a daily processing capacity of 1,200 pigs. Over the next five years, an additional investment of R$ 120 million will be made to restructure the plant and bring in new equipment for the currently suspended unit. Six municipalities in the surrounding area are expected to benefit.

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JBS signs proposal to acquire Languiru's pork operation

The state governor, Eduardo Leite, celebrated the agreement that presented a solution for maintaining Languiru's operation, which directly impacts the economic life of the region. "There was a great concern for the entire economy, employees, and integrated producers who were affected by the company's activities being halted. This commitment is not just a commercial agreement; it is a pact to preserve both pork production and the livelihoods of many families", he declared.

João Campos, the president of Seara, emphasized the importance of Rio Grande do Sul for the company and the state's productive vocation. "Seara is part of JBS, one of the world's largest food producers, with over 17,000 employees in Rio Grande do Sul and operations in more than 20 municipalities in the state, including pork, poultry, leather, and prepared foods, as well as hatcheries and feed factories. It is a state where we have great confidence in working due to the commitment of the people, where we already have more than 2,800 small integrated producers", he stated.

"We are pleased to add this new operation due to its economic and social importance, and to have the opportunity to expand our investments in Rio Grande do Sul. Thus, we continue the development of Seara's operation in the state, rehiring local labor and adding even more people and integrated producers. Everything starts and ends with people. It is the people who make us who we are", he said.

JBS accounts for 1.56% of the gross domestic product (GDP) of Rio Grande do Sul, according to research by the Foundation Institute for Economic Research (Fipe). "With the Poço das Antas plant supplying the domestic market, especially the state itself, we can increase exports from other units, qualified to serve also relevant markets", adds Fábio Soares, director of the Pork Business at Seara.

Soares notes that there is potential for the Poço das Antas plant to reach a daily processing of 3,400 pigs in two shifts. At this stage, the unit, in addition to serving the domestic market in Rio Grande do Sul, could also qualify for exports to important destinations such as Chile and Singapore, among others, with the added value of the Seara brand.

The expectation is to start rehiring staff for the unit early next year and resume production in March. Currently, the pigs available in the region are being processed at the Seara units in Ana Rech and Seberi.

"The sale of this asset is an important move, allowing the entire Vale do Taquari to have a new breath, considering that many families were affected by the discontinuity of the swine industry segment and the current economic-financial situation of the Cooperative. In a way, Languiru is taking an important step for the region by finding a solution to a social problem", evaluates the liquidating president, Paulo Roberto Birck.

JBS is currently the largest employer in Brazil, with 152,000 direct employees working in its operations in the country. According to Fipe, JBS and the chains linked to it in the country move the equivalent of 2.10% of the GDP and contribute to generating 2.73% of jobs.

In Rio Grande do Sul, the study indicated that the percentage for job contribution stood at 2.7%. The company generated 166,383 direct, indirect, and induced jobs.

"Today, we already contribute significantly to job creation and income in Rio Grande do Sul, especially in the municipalities where we are present. Therefore, I am sure that this agreement will have a positive impact also in Poço das Antas and surrounding cities", says João Campos.

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