Jais Valeur will step down as CEO of Danish Crown

After almost nine years in the post, Jais Valeur will step down as CEO of Danish Crown. He has agreed with the board that he will continue until a replacement is in place.

Posted on Jun 04 ,00:20

Jais Valeur will step down as CEO of Danish Crown

In May, the board and senior management of Danish Crown began work on a new group strategy, which is scheduled to be ready by autumn. Prior to this, CEO Jais Valeur has been in dialogue with board chairman Asger Krogsgaard about the need to find a long-term CEO profile to lead Danish Crown through the next strategy period. The board has now decided to accelerate that process. 

"It is both the board's and Jais' assessment that Danish Crown needs new and continuing management forces for the extensive task that must be undertaken in the coming years. Jais is handing over a core business where many parts have been set up to deliver positive value creation for us owners in the long run. However, it is absolutely central to the board that we always deliver a competitive settlement to our owners, and we are currently in a situation where Danish Crown's competitiveness must be improved. Therefore, we believe that it is important for all parties to enter the upcoming strategy process with clarity about the fact that it will be a new CEO who will execute on the new strategy", says chairman of the board Asger Krogsgaard. 

The process of appointing a new Group CEO has been initiated. It has been agreed that Jais Valeur will be at the head of the business until a replacement is found. This is done to ensure that the company does not lose momentum during the recruitment process. 

"Earlier this year, I informed Danish Crown that I do not see myself as long-term CEO of the company. It therefore makes sense to me that the board wants to advance this process and look further ahead, so that the company can meet a new strategy with a long-term clarification regarding the top management. We have moved Danish Crown a long way in the years I have been involved, but there is still a huge and, moreover, mega exciting task in the coming years. It will require a massive and persistent effort from the top management. Now I want to focus on managing Danish Crown through the coming period, so that we can create the best conditions for my replacement. Danish Crown is a fantastic company with dedicated employees and still great opportunities", says Jais Valeur. 

"Jais has made a huge effort for Danish Crown in the nearly nine years that he has been at the head of our business. Under his leadership, there has been significant development and professionalization of the group. It also says everything about Jais' sense of dedication to Danish Crown that he has agreed to stay to ensure an uninterrupted management focus in the organization until his replacement is ready to take over. I have great respect for that", says Asger Krogsgaard. 

Danish Crown can also announce that it has entered into an agreement with a new Group CFO, who will start no later than 1 December and will take over from Thomas Ahle, who, as previously announced, has chosen to switch to Stark Group. The name of the new Group CFO will be announced after the summer holidays for the sake of his current employer.  

Group Executive Vice President Tim Ørting Jørgensen will continue to handle both management responsibility for the core business Danish Crown Business Unit as well as be part of the continuing executive board, which will prepare the new group strategy with the board of directors. 

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