Joint effort to help the Danes to eat more climate-friendly


New analysis from the Food Culture shows that many Danes want to eat more climate-friendly, but half lack knowledge about which foods are sustainable.

Posted on Dec 03 ,06:11

Joint effort to help the Danes to eat more climate-friendly

Many Danes believe that more sustainable eating and drinking habits can help fight climate change, and many would also like to eat more climate-friendly, according to an analysis from Food Culture. However, the same report concluded that more than half of 1,000 surveyed Danes lack knowledge about which foods are sustainable, and only 25% say that climate-friendly food fits well with their and their families' eating habits.
To bring some knowledge on sustainable eating habits for the interested consumers, the Climate Minister and the Minister of Food have therefore asked Food Culture to launch a project that will lead to concrete action-oriented climate tips that will be developed together with the Danes.
"It is my experience that many Danes would like to make their contribution to doing something about climate change. And here the kitchen is one of the places where the potential to make a difference is huge. I welcome this trend. Regardless of the fact that the green transition also requires major common solutions in our society, it is extremely important that as many people as possible also contribute individually. No one can do everything. But everyone can do something," stated climate minister Dan Jorgensen.
Danes' food consumption alone contributes about 20 percent of the total climate impact per person, according to the latest studies. The project with climate tips for everyday food is expected to be completed during spring 2020. Food Culture is a self-governing institution under the Ministry of Environment and Food that works to strengthen the food culture in Denmark through non-profit and commercial projects.

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