Kazakhstan to double poultry production

The country imports almost 50% of the domestic consumption and disruption in supply may impact the markets in the region.

Posted on Mar 24 ,09:26

Kazakhstan to double poultry production

Kazakh officials are planning to expand poultry production in the country due to low self-sufficiency and the threat of covid-19 disruption in the Eurasia Economy Union market, comprising Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia.
According to local media, production has reached 222,900 tonnes but covers only 50% of the domestic demand. In a speech in the Kazakh Parliament, Saparkhan Omarov, the country's Healthcare Minister said that 12 new large farms are to be built this year to cover the domestic demand for poultry and prevent any disruption in the supply chain in the region. In the last three years, poultry production in Kazakhstan increased by 25%. The country is the single one in the region that announced massive investments in animal production for this year. over the last month, the country placed a ban on livestock exports to strengthen the local beef market. Also, meat exports to China have been reduced in 2020 due to coronavirus outbreak.

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