Laos has been granted a quota of 500,000 cattle for export to China


The agriculture and forestry departments across Laos have been told to launch a publicity campaign to inform farmers and producers about the official opening of the Chinese market for Lao cattle.

Posted on Jun 30 ,10:21

Laos has been granted a quota of 500,000 cattle for export to China

Laos, the smallest supplier of live cattle to China (1%), has a chance to expand its market share in the Chinese market. A quota of 500,000 cattle has been established for Laotian farmers who are compliant with the requirements set by the Chinese officials. So far, the Laotian Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has ordered its relevant departments to do more to promote cattle farming, encouraging private operators to produce more cattle for export to China. China has asked for bovines that are four years old or less and weigh at least 350 kg, according to Xinhua news agency.
The agriculture and forestry departments in all provinces have been instructed to provide training for farmers, entrepreneurs and anyone else interested in raising cattle for export to China.
The Department of Livestock and Fisheries has been advised to set up a network of village veterinarians across the country and to teach farmers and producers how to vaccinate their livestock and comply with all the set standards.
The department will inspect and certify the quality of cattle based on the agreement signed with Chinese counterparts.
One of the main challenges facing the government's plan to boost cattle production is the regular outbreak of livestock diseases, especially foot-and-mouth disease, which is common in Laos.
In addition, the recent outbreak of lumpy skin disease has infected more than 11,000 cattle in 126 villages of seven provinces, according to the report.

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