Lithuania complains about Salmonella in poultry imports

Hygiene & Biosecurity

40 tonnes of poultry imported from Romania, Hungary and Poland have been seized in the last three months.

Posted on Sep 15 ,08:18

Lithuania complains about Salmonella in poultry imports

10 batches of poultry imports totalling 40 tonnes have been seized and destroyed in the last three months by the Lithuanian State Food and Veterinary Service due to fears of Salmonella contamination.

25 tonnes were imported from Poland, a country that has issued three warnings of Salmonella in poultry and eggs in the last 8 months, 12 tonnes were shipped from Hungary, and the rest were imported from Romania.
No Salmonella-contaminated poultry has made its way to Lithuanian markets or consumers this year. Salmonella contamination has been a recurring issue in multiple European countries in 2020.

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