Livestock Philippines Expo is postponed due to ASF risk

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The Department of Agriculture announced that the exhibition is deferred to May 2020 or until the ASF situation in South East Asia is under control.

Posted on Jun 21 ,06:47

Livestock Philippines Expo is postponed due to ASF risk

The Philippine authorities have decided to postpone until next year the staging of a livestock exhibit due to fears that Livestock Philippines Expo, which will showcase modern hog-raising equipment from other countries, could represent a risk of bringing African Swine Fever into the country.
Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel F. Pinol announced on June 19 that the upcoming Livestock Philippines Expo, which will run from June 26 to 28, has been deferred to the latter part of 2020 or until such time that the ASF has been controlled, informs Business Mirror magazine.

In his opinion, the ASF virus could be carried by equipment and facilities that would be featured in the expo. "The possibility of ASF entering the country through participants, pork and pork products, feeds and farm equipment coming from ASF-infected countries as a carrier of the ASF virus is not remote", mentioned Pinol.
The organizer of the even, UBM Exhibitions Philippines Inc., said in a separate statement that it has agreed to postpone the trade fair until next year due to growing concerns of ASF.
"Though swine is only one component of Livestock Philippines, the organizers, based on expert advice, had put in place extensive biosecurity measures including the cooperation of the attendees to follow strict quarantine measures. However these measures were not seen as sufficient and the industry associations have requested our cooperation to postpone the event to a later date", said UBM.

Around 280 exhibitors from more than 30 countries were expected to attend this year’s Livestock Philippines Expo. Some of the participants registered are coming from countries confronted with ASF outbreaks: China, Vietnam, Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland. Livestock exhibitors include firms involved in animal identification tags and microchips, feed processing and the manufacture of equipment, including drinking nipples and water troughs.

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