Marel: Software streamlines every factory upgrade

Poultry processors are often wondering if it is possible to modernize and upgrade their existing processing lines without having to rebuild their complete factory. Is it feasible to integrate new, state-of-the-art techniques into a process that has been running the same way for years? Yes, it can be done, provided the appropriate software is used.

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Marel: Software streamlines every factory upgrade

Adding ‘intelligence’, in terms of software, is the best way to integrate new options into an existing processing line without having to make big investments. Poultry processing is a highly dynamic industry and it would be very tough for poultry processing companies to operate without the support of an intelligent software platform. In such a complex environment, Marel’s plant-wide Innova solution makes it possible to think smart and act quickly. Data-driven processing is critical to make informed decisions that can be implemented with very little notice. Marel offers all the tools required to give the resilience and speed-to-market processors need to be competitive in the industry. Across all the departments in the poultry processing plant, modular Innova software solutions connect and serve the needs of the staff on the factory floor or in the control room. Incorporating data gathering into a processing plant necessitates the installation of additional hardware, such as sensors and cameras. From a software perspective, implementing data gathering and data processing is quite feasible.

Marel’s Innova software system is fully prepared to be integrated into existing lines. Innova offers a highly flexible and fully scalable production control software suite that empowers processors to efficiently control, monitor and improve every aspect of the production process, from live bird handling, up to the dispatching orders and QC processes. It’s an entirely modular platform, to which modules can be added according to the processors’ needs and requirements. At any given time, a processing plant can start implementing Innova modules, for instance when an upgrade to a higher capacity takes place.

It’s possible to start controlling the weighing, packing, labeling, pricing and palletizing processes with end-of-lines modules such as Final Goods Manager, Inventory, Weighing and Labeling and Packing. Using these software solutions, food processors can take complete control of their value chain: they can maximize yields, throughput and uptime and reduce costs, stock and give-away.

This software package can be extended with modules such as Traceability, Order Manager,  Quality Control and IMPAQT that offer even more control of plant-wide processes.
Optimized traceability through the whole production chain is at the forefront of food safety. The traceability functionality links every process step of the production chain to ensure that products can be traced back to their source. Quick action can be taken to minimize the impact of recalls.

Modules are available for every role in the factory, from Quality Control Manager to Production Planner and Technical Manager, offering real-time dashboards for paperless control of every production process. If an incoming flock varies in weight, if a machine shows a drop in performance, if customers suddenly change their order, or if a recipe needs to be changed, Innova gives real-time insight into how processes can be adjusted to solve the issue.

Implementing Innova PDS (Product Distribution System) in an existing poultry processing plant is an almost indispensable step for growing processors. Processors want to match available products to their customer orders as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. They want to get the most out of their A-quality products and give a profitable destination to the remaining products, while maximizing carcass balance and minimizing giveaway. Innova PDS is such an in-line logistic management system that oversees and controls all processes from shackling to cut-up. With the help of sensors, weighers and cameras, Innova PDS gathers, records and manages all relevant data, following each product as long as it’s in the overhead conveyor. Based on this information, Innova PDS efficiently guides each product to the optimal downstream process, ensuring it is transformed into its most profitable form. By aligning products with customer orders, it optimizes daily production.

Implementation of the Innova IMPAQT module (Intelligent Monitoring of Performance, Availability and Quality Trends) will unleash the full potential of a Marel production line. Innova IMPAQT measures the trends in losses in the process over time; it’s the perfect analyzing, signaling and optimizing tool which starts in the primary process. Optimally improved production processes and highest added value will be the result.

Processors who decide to implement Innova into their existing daily operations will, from then on, know exactly what’s happening in the factory. They’ll have a stable digital component at their fingertips, on which everybody can rely. The end result will be improved process efficiency, increased operational uptime and enhanced alignment between arriving broiler flocks and pending customer orders.

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