Marel and Beypilic to transform a growing poultry market in Turkey


Marel is expanding its partnership with Beypilic, an integrated poultry processor in Turkey. With over three decades of collaboration, Marel and Beypilic are well-prepared to embark on a new state-of-the-art greenfield project, representing a significant step forward for the poultry industry in Turkey.

Posted on Oct 02 ,00:05

Marel and Beypilic to transform a growing poultry market in Turkey

Beypilic currently runs two production lines with Marel equipment, with each line processing 12,000 birds per hour. The lines enable Beypilic to produce over 150 chicken products, all produced with the highest food safety standards. The poultry market in Turkey has been growing rapidly, driven by both rising domestic consumption and a steady increase in exports. This has led to an opportunity for Beypilic to expand its footprint and processing capabilities, serving Turkey’s domestic markets, including retail and food service, as well as expanding its presence in the Middle East and neighboring countries.

Marel will design and deliver a greenfield project for Beypilic - a brand-new, cutting-edge facility spanning 60,000 square meters, equipped with two production lines, each capable of processing 15,000 birds per hour. The entire facility will be integrated with Marel's comprehensive Innova software, allowing Beypilic to improve performance and enhance productivity at every stage of its process. In addition, Beypilic will meet the increased consumer demand for prepared foods, with two lines dedicated to prepared food products such as nuggets and schnitzel.

Roger Claessens, Executive Vice President of Marel Poultry, said: "Our continued collaboration with Beypilic signifies a shared commitment to transforming production in Turkey’s poultry industry. Together, Marel and Beypilic are committed to ensuring that every product, from farm to fork, has the highest standards of quality and safety for consumers worldwide".

The poultry market in Turkey is growing, with chicken serving as the predominant source of protein in the country's diet. Chicken meat production is expected to rise by 4.4% and consumption by 4.7%. Turkey has solidified its position in the region's poultry industry, nearly doubling its exports to 600 thousand tons in 2023.

Dr. Sait Koca, President of Beypi, said: "We are ready to step up our processing capabilities to meet the market demand and Marel is the perfect partner to help us achieve this. At Beypilic, we are dedicated to providing consumers with the highest quality chicken products".

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