Massive progress in sales of branded goods in Danish Crown Beef  


A growth of 35% in the sale of branded goods contributed to Danish Crown Beef increasing the average settlement to the unit owners in 2022/23.

Posted on Nov 27 ,00:05

Massive progress in sales of branded goods in Danish Crown Beef  

The Danes are willing to pay a little extra to get a really good steak in their burger. Danish Crown Beef's BOOST series has more than doubled in sales of branded products in the past year, and overall a new record was set for the sale of products with the Danish Crown crown after a growth of 35%. This progress is important in order to be able to match the settlement in the surrounding countries. For the financial year 2022/23, Danish Crown Beef has increased the average settlement by just over two percent to DKK 31.17/kg. 

"It is absolutely fantastic to see how consumers have accepted our products. It also shows that it is possible to develop and create growth in a time when we are met almost daily by calls to choose beef, but consumers clearly still have a taste for our products", says CEO of Danish Crown Beef, Finn Klostermann and adds:  

"Our strategy of creating value from our Danish raw materials is working. Now we must continue that development with ongoing investments in marketing and product development. Our noblest task is to make it easy for the consumer to choose and prepare Danish beef and veal. Now we have proven that it can be done, and we must build on that success", explains Finn Klostermann.  

Danish Crown Beef's turnover is just like last year at DKK 6 billion (1 DKK = 0,13 EUR).

"It has been a reasonable year in which we have delivered stable and satisfactory accounts for Danish Crown Beef. We have managed to stay in the middle of the road in a difficult market and avoid the big swings, even though the summer was challenging due to the bad weather in Northern Europe. At the same time, great praise must go to the employees, who have delivered a solid, committed and flexible effort all round. It is absolutely crucial for us to achieve the goals we have set ourselves", says Finn Klostermann. 

It is no secret, however, that the sale of beef is influenced by the economic conditions in society, and therefore inflation through 2022/23 has left its mark on the sale of veal and beef.  

"Inflation has pressured the market for the large steaks and the large increase in our home markets in Denmark and Germany. On the other hand, we have benefited from good export markets in Southern Europe in particular, so we are helped by both a broad and balanced sales in our business", says Finn Klostermann.  

A record high average settlement and a relatively stable listing is important for the shareholders in Danish Crown Beef in a year when costs have again been high.  

"Despite the drop in listings towards the end of the year, it is still at a relatively high level. Going forward, we will continue to focus on investing in sustainability and innovation, because that is the way to give our owners a settlement that supports a stable business in the value chain", says Karsten Willumsen, chairman of Kreaturforum in Danish Crown Beef. 

For the financial year 2022/23, Danish Crown Beef has gained around 3,000 more animals for slaughter and a total of over 300 new share owners. 

"I see this as an expression of trust in our joint enterprise", says Karsten Willumsen.  

Operations in the two German slaughterhouses and Scan-Hide, one of Europe's leading leather companies, as well as the investment in Nordic SPOOR, which sells premium leather to leading manufacturers of luxury products and furniture, are progressing as planned. Investments have been made in the last year in particular in the latter, and the unit owners will, according to plan, see the results in the coming year and the years to come. 

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