Meat consumption in the EU to decline over the next 10 years


The annual outlook published by the European Commission (EC) talks about a decline in meat consumption of 1.1 kilos by 2030.

Posted on Dec 23 ,10:40

Meat consumption in the EU to decline over the next 10 years

Per capita meat consumption in the EU is to decline over the next decade by 1.1 kg, reaching 67.6 kg in 2030, according to the annual outlook released by the EC. Following a decline in the EU cow herd, beef production is expected to continue to decline. Within the EU, beef consumption is forecast to decline by 0.9 kg per capita, while the moderate outlook for exports to niche markets may offer some opportunities.
Regarding the swine sector, EU pork production is forecast to decline by 1 million tonnes (-4.6%) between 2020 and 2030 as the ASF crisis in Asia will come to an end. However, the EU will remain a leading supplier of pig meat on the world market. Regarding sheep and goat meat, both production and consumption in the EU are expected to remain stable, while exports will remain low, as Australia and New Zealand will maintain their dominant positions in the world market.

Finally, the poultry sector is the only meat category whose production has expanded during the COVID-19 pandemic and the only one that is expected to grow between 2020 and 2030. Consumption of poultry meat in the EU is projected to reach 24.6 kg per capita by 2030 (+1.2 kg compared to 2020), as consumers consider poultry to be an economical, healthy and sustainable product. Demand is also expected to increase in several key export destinations.

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