Mixed picture in the French meat market


The demand for pork has dropped by 4.1% in August, while fresh beef, veal and lamb consumption is increasing.

Posted on Oct 14 ,06:56

Mixed picture in the French meat market

The most recent Kantar report on pork consumption in France shows a reduction of 4.1% in August 2019, compared to the same month last year. According to the data presented in the report, for the last 12 months, French consumers have decreased their pork intake by 0.9%.
During the same month, fresh beef has registered an increase in consumption of 4.6%. The most important processed in consumption are marinated meats, minced meats, preparations based on minced meats and carpaccios.
Nevertheless, since the beginning of the year, frozen minced beef has registered a decrease in demand of 3.9%. Overall, the consumption of beef, including frozen minced meat, has decreased slightly to 0.7% since the beginning of the year. Kantar also points out that the month of August was good for the demand for veal and lamb meat, compensating the reductions experienced for the rest of the year. And this has occurred even considering that it is not about meats that have many freshly prepared. These represent 42% of sales of beef cattle, 21% of veal and only 6% of lamb in 2019. Finally, in terms of poultry meat, August was a good month with a 2% increase in demand.

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