Mortadella Bologna Igp: new specification approved


Among the novelties, even less salt, more proteins and a simpler recipe

Posted on Jul 13 ,04:17

Mortadella Bologna Igp: new specification approved

Following an expected long bureaucratic process, on 22 June 2022 the new Production Regulations of Mortadella Bologna PGI were published in the Official Gazette of the Italian Republic, which incorporates the changes proposed by the Consortium in  February 2021 and the European Union approval of the last June 9th.

"The need to modify the Production Regulations was born with the aim of adapting the PGI to the new eating styles of consumers, to the technological evolution of companies and thus to continue the path of enhancing the image, even perceived, of Mortadella. Bologna IGP. A qualitative improvement process already initiated by the Consortium starting from the previous modification of the Regulations which had eliminated glutamate and introduced the use of only natural flavors" - says Guido Veroni, president of the Italian Consortium for the protection of Mortadella Bologna who continues - "Among the main changes there are in fact the introduction of the maximum salt content of 2.8%, the increase of the minimum protein content, which reaches 14.5% and the clarification of the prohibition, already practiced by companies, of the use of polyphosphates, technological adjuvants and substances with coloring effects, in order to have an even simpler and more natural recipe ”.

A further modification introduced in the new Regulations is the maximum limit of 0.3% of natural flavors, the only ones allowed in this production, which can be used in the preparation of the dough.

With this new Production Disciplinary, the role of the Consortium for the protection of the quality of Mortadella Bologna PGI is confirmed, always keeping the markets and new trends under observation, and as interpreter of the changes taking place, with study and development of ad hoc solutions shared and tested with manufacturing companies. 

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