New CEO, new plans for Romanian producer Cris-Tim


Radu Timis jr. intends to achieve €500 million in turnover over the next 6 years.

Posted on Nov 12 ,08:53

New CEO, new plans for Romanian producer Cris-Tim

Cris-Tim, the largest family-owned business in the meat industry in Romania, has a new CEO starting the end of October. Radu Timis jr. has been named Chief Executive Officer after his father, Radu Timis, has stepped down from the position and announced that he will be involved in the company only as a strategist.
The change comes in a time when meat processors in Romania are worried about the pork price evolution in the global market and expect difficult times for the industry over the next couple of years. Nevertheless, Mr. Timis jr. shows confidence about the ability of its company to pass through these uncertain times. At Anuga 2019, Cris-Tim had its stand, aside from the booth in the Romanian pavilion, showing more strength in approaching export markets. "We want to show that we are a reliable, strong partner for all the participants at the Anuga. At this time, we export around 15% of our production but we are looking for new ways to penetrate the European market with both our brand and private label products. We intend to strengthen our position in the convenience market. It is a market that is growing fast in Europe and also in Romania we also had a double-digit growth rate for convenience food in the last two or three years,", explained Radu Timis jr. in an interview for EuroMeat News.
For the moment, the company is working on a strategy to pass turbulent times ahead, considering the price explosion in the global pork market, but also to generate larger sales volume and added value for the products. "We are aware that 2020 is going to be a difficult year for meat processors due to the ASF situation in China and the increase in pork prices but we consider ourselves prepared to face this. The impact is huge, considering that, in some cases, pork cuts used in production have doubled their price. Because Cris-Tim is a clean-label producer, the impact is almost double for us. We can not transfer all the costs to the consumer so we must adjust our margins but I am still positive about our capacity to pass through these difficult times without making any compromise on the quality of our products," stated Cris-Tim's new CEO.
At the same time, his plans for the company are targeting the diversification of the business and a focus on new protein range of products as plant-based diets and flexitarianism is taking over the Western markets in Europe. He foresees more than 300% increase in the company's turnover in the next 6 years. "Our main target is that over the next 6 years to achieve a turnover of half a billion euros," added Mr. Timis jr.

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