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New Zealand's ban on live cattle trade won't destroy the sector

In the last five years, live cattle exports have dropped sharply, according to experts

Posted on Jun 12 ,10:59

New Zealand's ban on live cattle trade won't destroy the sector

New Zealand government wants to place a ban on live cattle exports but that would not be a disaster for the farmers, said PGG Wrightson livestock general manager Peter Moore, in an interview for Stuff magazine. "It's a good business and well run, but it won't be disastrous for farmers if it was halted", he explained.
Live cattle exports have been dropping from 40,506 cattle with a value of $84.3 million in 2016 to 17,319 cattle worth $30.1m in 2018. In 2018, 14,459 cattle were exported to China, with an average mortality rate of 0.06%. However, it's not the mortality rate that leads to the review of trade regulation but the way the animals are treated on their journey.
In April, about 500 of 5000 animals exported to Sri Lanka from New Zealand and Australia were reported to have died. New Zealand has banned live exports of cattle for slaughter since 2003 but animals for breeding purposes are still exported.

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