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New Zealand's meat exports are increasing


China is the main destination for red meat, while the British market is down 11% due to uncertainties regarding Brexit.

Posted on Jul 29 ,04:16

New Zealand's meat exports are increasing

New Zealand is increasing the meat exports to China, which is currently the main destination for sheepmeat and beef, according to the latest analysis presented by the Meat Industry Association.
Exports for the year to June 2019 have risen by $8.8 billion, with China leading the way.
In June, beef exports to China increased to more than 25,000 tonnes, more than the annual exports to Taiwan, Japan or Korea. At the same time, sheepmeat exports to this destination increased by 20% compared to the same month last year.
"China has taken more than half of New Zealand's sheepmeat exports and beef exports have increased by 79 percent by volume, overtaking the US as our largest beef market", said Tim Ritchie, Chief executive of the Meat Industry Association (MIA).
In June, China was ranked as the largest market by value for red meat and co-products, with $319 million worth in exports, followed by the US and UK. Red meat exports to the British market for the ear to June have dropped by 11% due to uncertainties regarding Brexit and market access in the near future.

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