New avian flu outbreaks reported in Bulgaria

Hygiene & Biosecurity

66,000 birds to be culled in two large farms in the southern part of the country.

Posted on Feb 25 ,08:40

New avian flu outbreaks reported in Bulgaria

Two new outbreaks of H5N8 bird flu have been in southern Bulgaria at the beginning of the week. One of the new outbreaks was found at a farm with more than 55,000 egg-laying hens in Trilistnik, near the city of Plovdiv. The second outbreak was reported at a farm with more than 11,000 ducks in Padarsko, also near Plovdiv. All the birds will be culled and a 3 km-radius zone of quarantine has been set around the two farms.
Last week the virus was discovered in another duck farm in southern Bulgaria. Ongoing outbreaks of H5N8 have been reported also in Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, the Czech Republic, Ukraine and Germany.
This week, China decided to ban poultry imports from Germany, Hungary, Ukraine and Slovenia due to confirmed cases of avian flu reported in these countries.

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