New chairman for Danish Crown

At a board meeting in Danish Crown on last week, the previous deputy chairman, Asger Krogsgaard, was elected as the new chairman of Danish Crown AmbA. The board could no longer support Erik Bredholt, and he is therefore stepping down as chairman of both Danish Crown AmbA and Danish Crown A/S with immediate effect and has also chosen to resign from Danish Crown's boards and representative board.

Posted on Nov 14 ,00:10

New chairman for Danish Crown

On the back of the debate in the media in recent days, it was clear that Erik Bredholt no longer had the board's support to head Danish Crown. He will be replaced in the post by Asger Krogsgaard, who for a number of years has been deputy chairman of the board of Danish Crown AmbA.

"For me and the rest of the board, it is important that we follow the course that has been set and get peace of mind about the company and for the work of finding the future management model for Danish Crown. We have an analysis underway of the shareholders' visions for and attitudes towards Danish Crown, and it is the idea that that analysis can form the basis for the review of Danish Crown's articles of association and principles for corporate governance, which a committee set up by the board of representatives is expected to have to go along", says Asger Krogsgaard. 

Asger Krogsgaard is 56 years old and elected to Danish Crown's board of representatives in West Jutland. He runs a farm with both sows and fattening pigs near Ringkøbing and annually delivers around 70,000 fattening pigs to Danish Crown.  

He was elected to Danish Crown's board of representatives in the mid-90s and has been a member of the board of Danish Crown AmbA since 2003. Since 2011, he has been deputy chairman, and at the same time he has been part of the chairmanship of Landbrug & Fødeverar for a number of years.   

"I have a solid knowledge of the company and long experience with organizational work, and although it has not been in the cards for me to be chairman of Danish Crown, I look forward to continuing the work we have together with the day-to-day management started to restore our company's ability to pay a competitive price for the owners' deliveries of slaughter animals", says Asger Krogsgaard. 

Erik Bredholt is leaving Danish Crown after almost 12 years as chairman. Formally, he chose to withdraw himself because, as things stood, he saw no other solution. 

"At the meeting, it was clear that the widespread position on the board was that Danish Crown is best served by a chairman other than me going forward. During my time in both Danish Crown's board of representatives and board of directors, it has always been central to me to make the right decisions for Danish Crown. But now the cooperation in the board had reached a dead end, and so it is right for Danish Crown that I resign with immediate effect", says Erik Bredholt. 

Asger Krogsgaard has been elected chairman of Danish Crown AmbA and will initially be until the ordinary elections for Danish Crown's board of representatives and boards in December this year. He is also expected to be elected chairman of Danish Crown A/S at the next meeting and will take up a number of positions of trust in his capacity as chairman of Danish Crown.

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