New seal to show confidence for butchers in Madrid

Hygiene & Biosecurity

"Trade of Confidence" seal ensures that those establishments that possess it comply with updated hygienic-sanitary measures necessary against COVID-19.

Posted on Jul 21 ,07:17

New seal to show confidence for butchers in Madrid

The new “Trade of Confidence” seal guarantees the commitment to maintain the hygienic-sanitary protection and prevention measures against Covid-19, in butcher shops in Madrid. Carnimad grants it to those establishments of the Community of Madrid that obtained a satisfactory result after conducting a health audit with the Organization's experts in Quality, Food Safety and Environment. Since it was presented at the beginning of this month, a hundred businesses have already been interested in it; some already have it and others are on the waiting list to carry out the study that will allow them to achieve it, informs the professional association.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, professionals in the sector have demonstrated their commitment to the client, ensuring their protection and remaining at their disposal even in the most difficult moments. For this reason, Carnimad understands that the public must continue to perceive that the sector maintains responsibility with the necessary hygienic-sanitary measures and that it continues to strive to take care of its consumers. Thus, this “Trade of Confidence” seal certifies that the business that owns it is committed to complying with the necessary protocols to maintain the health of both customers and personnel.

The professionals who work in these establishments also opt, thanks to this seal, for on-site training on the Action Protocol against Covid-19 as an additional measure of the GPCH (Guide to Correct Hygiene Practices for Carnimad), and will have a consultation document available to access if there is any doubt about how to proceed.

The businesses that have successfully passed the health audits in this regard have their plaque displayed in a visible place, along with the corresponding informative signage that informs about the Covid measures adopted in the businesses.

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